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1 WoTSumentary on Sat Apr 03, 2010 7:00 pm

For a really long time I've been wanting to make a documentary on WoTS. Those of you that know me also know that I have 70+ videos of WoTS/Satsu activities from the last three years. I have a lot of archive footage for a nice piece, but it needs a catalyst, and our Gaijin vs SME battle is perfect for that. My hopes are simply to have a badass YouTube video for recruitment. We can post it on Uncle Samurai, clans can use it for recruiting, we can show it in panels at conventions, and so forth. My ultimate goal is to make it professionally enough to where it can be entered in a film festival, so I am taking this pretty seriously.

As I said in the Festival post, this is our biggest event to date. It is our most important, and it's is our highest accolade as of yet. So I feel it would be a great thing to center the documentary around. I need some help from people out there though, unless you just want the documentary to be full of old videos and just Satsu members being interviewed and Satsu side activities being shown. So here's what I need from people that want to be in this:

First of all, all clans out there with pictures from practices, build nights, events, anything WoTS related, please try to send them to me. Also, start taking pictures of things coming up, which I'll explain. Picutres won't be a huge part of the documentary, but good pics will be used, and for clans that can't get me any video footage or can't be interviewed in time will get pictures put in to make up for it.

Clans out there with video cameras, you guys are very vital in making this video diverse but I have to be very specific about the type of footage that we use. First of all, vulgarity, nudity, nastiness, and anything in general distaste will not be used. In interviews or even whenever you know a camera is around, mind your manners and watch your mouth. Clans with video cameras also need to have decent quality cameras, I can't work with cameraphone crap guys. I'll be looking for RAW, UNEDITED footage from your clans build nights, fundraisers, practices, road trips, battles, and so forth. I am also looking for interview material as well. I'm going to work up a list of questions that I'd like to see in the documentary, I'll distribute this list to the camera people along with instructions on camera angles and so forth. However, the questions and instructions that I give are merely guidelines, I strongly recommend that people get artistic and original with their interviews, questions, locations, camera angles, and so forth, so our video can have a real diverse look. I really want a lot of people from all over to be involved with this, but I can't work with crap, I really need good material.

I will need two camerapeople to man my two cameras at the Challenge on May 2nd. These people need to be able to get right up in the action, they need to drift around and not stay static, they need to learn to follow that action and to not waste time on bullshit, they need to know when to focus and to zoom and when to move, they'll also need to know about moving with the light and getting the best shot and angle. Once again, I absolutely cannot work with crap, I need quality. On top of these two people, ALL OTHER PEOPLE coming to this event with video cameras would be greatly invited to send me their raw footage before they edit it for themselves so that I can have a lot of different angles and so that I can get a lot of different highlights from the battle.

That's all I need. Let me share my ideas for the documentary so you guys know what kind of footage and pics I'd like, also so you guys can maybe help me with more ideas...

the old archive stuff is going to be a short 3-10 minute segment in the beginning just to explain what WoTS is and to share our history in brief. I'd like to spend the middle of the video showing the in's and out's of clan-life. Showing different clans raising funds, building gear, practicing, battling, anything relevant. After that I'd like to talk about battle-hype and how events usually get started, we'll probably talk about the forums here and our online presence. We'll explain how the Gaijin vs SME Challenge came about and then it will go into preparation for battle. I'd like to show clans on their build nights, prototyping weapons, drawing up tactics, meeting with other leaders to plan, scout, etc. Then we'll show the battle and the results, and then plans for the future.

All in between these segements we'll have clips from interviews fro WoTS member all over the country. We'll find how their answers relate to the topic that we're on in the documentary.

Satsu is already going to work on our part in the video. I'll tell you what we're doing to give you guys an example. This weekend we're going to Orlando to practice at Youkai Kobukai's park and to hopefully sell some swords, then we're going to meet up with the Gaijin to practice with them, prototype some gear and (hopefully) sell them some weapons. We're going to document all of these activities to show our group on road trips, raising funds, meeting with different group leaders, and interacting with other people from our organization in the state. You want to make your clan look as awesome as possible here people, if you give me good material, I'll shine you guys up.

So, what do you guys think???

Also, me and White Bread really liked this title...
Way of the Sword: The War Without Casualties

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2 Re: WoTSumentary on Sat Apr 03, 2010 7:01 pm

I forgot too guys, I could use some original artwork from people as well, but even more importantly I need original music!!!

People with bands, people that DJ or mix tracks, anybody that makes music, I need it, music of any kind. There will be credits for the documentary and you will be listed. Also, with original music it cannot be edited on copyright grounds, we can sell it, and it's more badass because every aspect of the documentary would be made by WoTS.

I'll also be needing names of all the people contributing pictures and taking video for the credits.

Corruption causes justice to appear as insanity. - Saito Hajime, "Samurai X: Trust & Betrayl"
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3 Re: WoTSumentary on Sun Apr 04, 2010 1:27 pm

Lets do it. This will be a valuable film for us

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4 Re: WoTSumentary on Tue Apr 06, 2010 1:16 pm

Well, ya know, my BAND DOES ORIGINAL MUSIC. Very Happy
And as for watching our mouths, eehh, maybe the camera shouldn't be around me?

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