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1Technique  Empty Technique on Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:05 pm

If there is one thing that is important in fighting it is the perfection of technique. Starting with your basic movements of dodging, striking from different stances, and blocking. Now NO ONE is perfect but we must still train hard to keep our techniques as sharp as possible.

Those that were at todays practice should understand what I am talking about and even if you weren't you should still get the idea. This is why we have things like stance training. You may not like it but if you are going to develop your own fighting style starting with the basic drawing, middle, high, low, and side stances will help you out a lot.

So next time you go out on the field don't just swing randomly hoping to get a kill. Concentrate on your movement, always make sure your footing is in a way where you can move without losing balance as well has using little motion as possible. Keep your strikes simple, don't try to spin or flip just because it looks cool, that can leave you wide open. Always know when you should block and when you should dodge and when you dodge try not to go back, go side to side (we are all guilty of the bad habit of backing up). Make sure your cuts are clean, close to your front, and followed by another. Doing one strike will get you almost no where, put the pressure on your opponent by attacking multiple times.

There is more I can add but at the moment I have a few things to do. If anyone else would like to add or comment feel free to.

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2Technique  Empty Re: Technique on Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:19 am

It's actually really fucking nice to hear someone other than me saying this. As a member of SME cultural committee and Imperial Sensei (I plan on changing the name of this title), I feel it is important we all get a good grasp of the basics of traditional japanese swordsmanship before branching off into our personal styles. As an NPO centered around japanese culture, it feels disrespectful to not at least know the basics, even if we choose not to use them. I thank everyone who came to kenjutsu on friday, I urge the rest of you to try and make it out, and I recommend ALL of you to please browse through the video library which can be found Here.

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3Technique  Empty Re: Technique on Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:00 am

Although i try my best not to, there has been situations where i have found myself to be... Swinging my sword Almost Aimlessly, I'll try my heart out till it gives in till I know I'm at my best. (Thank you for Posting all those videos In the Video Library Kinyama Fukuhiko) ^-^

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