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Japanese Glossary

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Men- Head or face

Shomen- top of the head or forehead area

Yokomen- Side of head

Kote- wrists

Do- torso


Shomen giri- the down cut. the forehead is the expected target.

Yoko giri- see suihe giri

Kesa giri- Diagonal down cut.

Kiri age- Diagonal upward cut

Suihe giri- horizontal cut.

Japanese Glossary Parts-of-a-samurai-sword

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2Japanese Glossary Empty Re: Japanese Glossary on Thu Oct 21, 2010 11:34 pm


Chudan no Kamae - Mid level stance
Gedan no Kamae - low level stance
Jodan no Kamae - High level stance
Hasso no kamae - Shoulder stance
Waki no Kamae - Side stance


Rei - pay respect to/bow
Batto- draw (sword)
Chiburi- "blood shake"
Noto- return sword
Hajime - begin
Yame - stop
Mate - wait

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Wakarimasuka/wakaruka - Do you understand?

Doko? - Where?

Naze?/doshite? - Why?

Nandesuka/nani?/nanda? - What/what is it?

Kore-wa nandesuka - What is this?

**Note: The 'ka' syllable is sort of a verbal question mark. If the word has 'ka' at the end of it, a question is assumed and a question mark is no longer necessary.

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