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This file may be leaked on terror spread to 11 countries and regions

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BEIJING, Nov. 12 Xinhua, coach coupons outlet Kyodo News reported, suspected by the Tokyo

Metropolitan Police Ministry of Public Security surrounding the production of anti-terrorism and other disclosure documents to the Internet,

will the Japanese private security companies "NetAgent" 12 said Monday that from October 28 leakage from 15 days in 11 countries and regions

around 4800 people through file-sharing software to get the file.

NetAgent director discount coach bags Takashi Sugiura fortunate that on the blog and forums have

reproduced, the actual number of people access to the document should be more.

According to the company's statistics, as of 11 November 4841 who coach coupon 2010 had received

the file. Most of them Japanese, for 4760 people; followed by South Korea 23, United States 16, Russia 6 persons.

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