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Russian espionage against the United States Secret Service protection to kill

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Following the Russian spy crisis known media to expose key Russian and U.S. - Russia's "defection" spy Shcherbakov, the United States was worried about Shcherbakov Russia has dispatched agents to come forward to kill protected.

Russia's prada handbags sale new network on November 14 reported that Americans are concerned about Russia on the Russian spy Shcherbakov sold retaliatory action, it sent agents to come forward protection. U.S. intelligence experts interviewed by the media, said the United States will Shcherbakov a "whole new identity." Currently, the U.S. sold for Shcherbakov Russian spies to the United States neither confirm nor deny the incident.

Russian former KGB agent, has been moved to the United States prada handbags King said he knew the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service has "Shcherbakov," this person. Kalugin since the US-Russian "Cold War" era led spy network in the U.S. and Russia at that time, he said, "I know a young man named Shcherbakov, he engaged as a counter-intelligence work." He said he only knew so individuals, but they do not know what he looks like.

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, prada outlet whether or not the CIA confirmed that at present, "defected spy" is Shcherbakov. But a CIA spy is responsible for dealing with the Russian retired staff members said he was "90% -100% believe that Russia's" Kommersant "Shcherbakov mentioned is a traitor." He said he was more than ten years ago and Shcherbakov, and other Russian spies met.

Russia's "Kommersant" reported previously, Shcherbakov long career in the United States, Russia's foreign intelligence division, as the S Director, responsible for the "assignment" espionage work. prada shoes on sale That is why, Shcherbakov in the United States and Russia have a chance to sell the most valuable spies planted dimensional Cen Kefu.

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