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Iran and Turkey, said it would build the railway connecting Central Asia and China

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Construction of a railway across Asia artery connecting Europe and Asia the economic center, and then relying on this rail on the "Silk Road" through a steady stream of cargo transit to its economic prosperity, prada handbags sale has become a common dream of the Central Asian countries.

With Central Asia - Middle East Railway participating countries Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki on November 15 in the high-profile announcement, this long-planned rail artery to gradually clear. prada handbags

Mottaki announced that, at present Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey, transit countries have agreed to build a bridge connecting China and Central Asia, the Middle East of the railway.

The reporter was informed that the railway transit countries, including China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, eventually reached, the Trans-Asian thing, a part of the original line connection, some will be new. At present, the specific alignments are still discussing, the two routes China could reach one from Lianyungang Alashankou, leading to Kazakhstan, another possibility is through the Central Asian countries from Xinjiang. prada outlet

This reporter learned from the transport sector in Kazakhstan, although a specific start time is yet to be determined, but according to current plans, the Ministry of Communications goalkeeper countries meet next year to discuss issues specific to start. And this statement is confirmed from the Iranian side, according to Iranian news agency reported, countries will be announced early next year in the territory of the railway budget and the planning started. prada shoes on sale

However, as the railway passing through the geographical environment and international political situation is more complicated, the project remaining in the variable.

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