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French diplomats said Iranian security personnel have been gang fights

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Local 16, the French Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the Iranian diplomats in a few days ago the country had been gang fights in the embassy gate. France said that the batterer is dressed in plain clothes security personnel in Iran. For the expression "strongly condemned" the French government recalled its ambassador to Iran the same day.

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French Foreign Ministry said in a statement the same day, "Nov. 14, the French Embassy in Tehran door extreme events occurred. Unidentified (Iran), the embassy security staff blocked the entrance to arrest the French Ambassador invited guests, and the implementation of unacceptable violence, including the French diplomats. " prada handbags

French media quoted an unnamed French officials as saying the 14 evening, the French ambassador to Iran Bernard peloton Reserves held at the residence of a Persian concert, prada outlet but suddenly the door at the embassy there several Iranian security personnel wearing civilian clothes, they blocked the door, let guests enter. When the French and their diplomats out of the theory when the two had physical conflict. Plainclothes security personnel at least two French diplomats fight, will the majority of guests arrive to arrest the residence, prada shoes on sale and trucked away. Finally, the invited guests, only one third are allowed to enter the embassy.

It is reported that Iranian security officers first tried to chase a woman broke into the embassy.

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