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Low-key U.S. warships to visit Hong Kong

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1Low-key U.S. warships to visit Hong Kong Empty Low-key U.S. warships to visit Hong Kong on Wed Nov 17, 2010 11:11 pm

U.S. Navy Wasp class amphibious assault ship "Essex" was (ESSEX), 16 arrived in Hong Kong ships, and for supplies.
16 U.S. soldiers in the "Essex" was walking on deck, aboard the amphibious assault ship is docked at the Hong Kong port.
Post reporter Zhang Zhe

There signs of warming Sino-US military exchanges. coach outlet

U.S. Navy Wasp class "Essex" was amphibious assault ship docked 16 replenishment Hong Kong, which is made from the U.S. arms sales to Taiwan earlier this year after a decision to the berthing of the first U.S. warships. At the same time, it was determined to visit China early next year, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates expressed hope that China-US military exchanges can be raised to the height of strategic dialogue.

However, to usher in the dawn of Sino-US relations, China's position has always been tough on US-China Economic and Security Review Commission report to Congress vain, China Telecom in April this year, "hijack" the network so that Internet users in China can not be directed here to include the White House, Pentagon, etc., a large number of U.S. sites. Immediately, the Chinese telecommunications company publicly denied the allegations of the Commission. coach poppy

Not involved in military exchanges between the two countries

U.S. Navy "Nimitz" nuclear aircraft carrier February 17 visit to Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong, almost the end of this year's parking a U.S. warship, the month by the U.S. decision to sell arms to Taiwan, China suspended military exchanges with the United States, Gates visit to China and therefore has repeatedly postponed.

Before the handover in 1997, the U.S. Navy has been parked as the rest of this important port, after the handover to China, whether the U.S. Navy to dock in Hong Kong, became a barometer of Sino-US relations good or bad. In 2007, the Chinese government rejected a U.S. aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk to visit Hong Kong to apply. This year in October, the United States, "George Washington" nuclear aircraft carrier had plans to go to Hong Kong park, after factory outlet

But with Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to the U.S. next year, near the outer Jia Gaici visit schedule to determine the two countries this year, hovering low-level military exchanges gradually melt the ice.

16, can carry six AV-8 Vertical Hound 29 attack aircraft and helicopters of various types, both transportation and supply, attack, landing combat capability of the U.S. Navy Wasp class "Essex" was amphibious assault ship docked in Hong Kong the supply, planning parking 4 days, the ship more than 2,200 officers and men of the Navy and Marine Corps shore vacation and rest in batches.

Fleet Commander Mark Webber through the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong, Hong Kong and foreign media invited to board the "Essex" was amphibious assault ship visit. He said in an interview: "This is the nature of a complete holiday port calls, for which we have planned for some time. For we ship staff, this is a landing in Hong Kong the opportunity to express our goodwill."

Weber said the United States and Hong Kong does not stop military exchange arrangements, plans for his 17 in the ship and the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong at a reception in the name did not invite Chinese military officials and personnel to participate in the PLA Hong Kong Garrison . He said US-China military relationship is a complex issue, "It takes my boss and the State Department left to deal with. But as all of us said, we are willing to participate in the maintenance of peace in the region all cooperation activities."

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