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Switzerland to the German manufacturer sold 42 surplus tanks back

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Xinhua Geneva, Nov. coach bags 18 (Xinhua Wang Chao Liu Yang) Switzerland 18 Department of Defense announcement that Swiss German manufacturer will sell the excess back to 42 "Leopard 2" main battle tanks.

Swiss Ministry of Defence said the Army plans to reduce staff due to the preparation of Switzerland, the "Leopard 2" main battle tanks, overpopulation, coach bags sale this 42 "Leopard 2" main battle tanks, the tanks will be sold back to the manufacturer Rheinmetall of Germany.

Switzerland from 1987 to 1993 from the purchase of 380 German "Leopard 2" main battle tanks, and in 2006 in which 134 were modernizing. The resale of the 42 modern tanks has not been modified, the tank's weapons and communications systems were removed in Switzerland, will be shipped back to Germany, discount coach handbags Rheinmetall, the company plans to these tanks, armored engineering vehicles and converted into a mine car.

"Leopard 2" main battle tanks and a total of six models A1-A6, equipped with 120-mm main gun, 1,500 horsepower diesel engines, hydraulic drive system, high efficiency cooling system and fire control system command ceremony. In addition to Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Norway, discount coach boots Austria and other countries armed forces are equipped with the "Leopard 2" main battle tanks.

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