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Annual report of the U.S. Congress said China's currency manipulation

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U.S. Congress under the "US-China Economic and Security Review Commission," published in the Nov. 17 annual report accused China of "currency manipulation", saying it is because of China's "rejection" of trade policy, which leads to a huge Sino-US trade imbalance. The committee urged the U.S. Congress have given it "response", Prada sunglasses said the administration should take "tougher action."

To be submitted in the draft report to the U.S. Congress, the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission urged the administration to deal with China "undervalued currency" approach to respond, but also find ways to solve Sino-US trade barriers. The Committee recommends that the U.S.Prada handbags Congress should urge the administration to take tougher action on this. US-China Economic and Security Review Commission chairman, Ohio, businessman Shen tannins in prepared comments that "the practice of Chinese manipulation of its U.S. manufacturing sector is still in the injury and employment. It does not seem real driving force the yuan fluctuate according to market forces" .

"US-China Economic and Security Review Commission," every year since 2002 to submit to Congress annual reports on Sino-US relations, and the tone of these reports are all gross interference in China's internal affairs, while strongly advocating the "China threat" , especially in the so-called Chinese space threats, network threats, it is hype. This year is no exception, apart from accusing China of "currency manipulation", the report even said that Chinese state-owned telecommunications enterprises, including the United States last year, taking a series of U.S. military and political institutions, Prada shoes including the important sites. According to the Global Times

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