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China Telecom denies blocking U.S. network information

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According to Xinhua News Agency, Prada sunglasses Beijing, November 18 - China Telecom for blocking foreign media said the United States reported false information on the Internet, China Telecom 18, the official response, stressed that China Telecom has never been any acts of interception of information transmitted over the Internet.

Relevant departments of China Telecom official said, some of the so-called foreign media reports existed. China Telecom has always been strictly enforced rules of the international operations of the Internet, according to the contract with the international carriers to implement network interconnection, interoperability to follow in the relevant technical standards, according to service level agreement (SLA) terms of protection of network transmission quality. Prada handbags

Recently, some foreign media quoted a U.S. Prada shoes congressional advisory group's report, China Telecom, April 8 this year, sending the wrong routing information, including U.S. military website that the Internet, including China Telecom, to jump to the server for 18 minutes.

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