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Obama said the bailout will help save American jobs

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WASHINGTON, Nov. 18 (Xinhua Liu Lina) Barack Obama 18 to General Motors was listed in the New York Stock Exchange said in a speech to the

American prada handbags sale taxpayer aid General Motors to help protect jobs, but still need

to revive the U.S. economy a long time.

Obama said in the past two years, American flies is not easy. Today, Ford, GM and Chrysler for the first time 6 years to achieve full

profitability. prada handbags

Obama said in support of the U.S. auto industry needs to make tough decisions and sacrifices, but this move will help save jobs, help at the

core of U.S. manufacturing automobile industry to make it more competitive in the future. He said: "If not the auto industry, the U.S. will

lose one million jobs."

According to a statement released by the White House, prada outlet General Motors, the New York

Stock Exchange initial public offering (IPO) is the entire U.S. auto industry is an important milestone. This is the U.S. government to

continue its commitment to withdraw from this investment, while protecting the interests of American taxpayers.

GM's year and a half ago by the New York Stock Exchange delisted. After a government bailout and restructuring, the company's 18 to return to

Wall Street, the stock sought after by investors. After the reorganization of General Motors from the original IPO price of $ 26 per share

increased to -28 dollars 33 U.S. dollars per share. 33 U.S. dollars per share calculated in accordance with its total funds raised will reach

23.2 billion U.S. dollars. prada shoes on sale

General Motors re-listed after the return of the U.S. government's relief funds, U.S. Treasury holdings in the company from 61% to 26%.

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