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Namibia aircraft suspected explosives in Germany

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AP prada handbags sale German Federal Customs Authority on the 18th, said the fight against

crime, the police Namibia to Germany in a pre-air found inside a suitcase suspected explosive devices.

Federal Customs Board on the fight against crime, prada handbags the trunk loaded with a German

airline scheduled passenger plane, flying from Windhoek, Namibia, Munich, Germany.

Local 17, before installing the trunk, the police detected a suspicious device inside. After examination, the device includes detonator,

battery and the clock is running.

After the incident, Namibian police aircraft, passengers and other luggage to implement search. Several hours later, the aircraft allowed to

take off, 18 landed safely at Munich Airport.

Now not clear whether this device exploded. prada outlet Namibian police, is of suspicious

device, "Right now still can not determine whether related to terrorism."

Federal Bureau of Customs and Excise Department to combat crime in Namibia has sent bomb experts rushed to assist the local police check the

suspicious device.

German Interior Minister Demaiqiai 17 said, hard evidence that terrorists attempt to launch more attacks in Germany, planned by the end of

November to carry out attacks. The German government announced that to strengthen the airport, railway stations and other places security

measures. Now not clear whether the suspected explosive device with this.

U.S. Eastern Time on October 28 evening, prada shoes on sale the United Kingdom and the United

Arab Emirates to the United States at two transit cargo aircraft, two from Yemen found suspicious mail. U.S. and British government officials

said the message had explosives.

"Base" organization located in the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen branch November 5 statement, said the organization created a freighter mail bomb


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