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South Korea denied that consider U.S.tactical nuclear weapons

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South Korean moncler National Assembly Defense Committee Chairman Yuan Liu Zhe (transliteration) 23

publicly expressed opposition to the U.S. in South Korea to redeploy tactical nuclear weapons. He pointed out that this approach will lead to

the international community over the years to the Korean Peninsula nuclear-free outcome in vain. moncler


Yuan Liu Zhe of this position is to speak a day after Defense Minister Jin Tairong response. Jin Tairong received 22 questions in Parliament,

when asked prada shoes whether the Government is willing to consider the reintroduction of U.S.

tactical nuclear weapons, the Jin Tairong answer, the Government "will re-examine your proposals."

Jin Tairong said South Korea prada sunglasses and the United States next month, extended

deterrence policy committee held its first meeting, the re-deployment of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons will be an optional one of the topics.

This statement was immediately interpreted as a South Korean media, Seoul will work with Washington to discuss the deployment of tactical

nuclear weapons incident.

In this regard, coach coupons outlet the ruling Grand National Party as the senior members of the

Yuan Liu Zhejiang strong opposition. "If we (in Korea) re-deployment of tactical nuclear weapons, contrary to serious long-term goal," Liu

Zhe Yuan said, "our government and the international community is committed to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and will

therefore become a futile effort."

Liu Zhe 22 per night to the media contacts Jin Tairong rumors, but the latter told him that the media misinterpreted his intention. Jin

Tairong said his intention is that South Korea will discuss with the United States to discuss how to deal with North Korea's nuclear program,

all the programs. moncler

In the North and South Korea signed the "Treaty on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula," before the U.S. deployment in South Korea

has been a large number of tactical nuclear weapons and strategic nuclear weapons, these weapons withdrawn from South Korea in 1992,

officially, after little discussion of the redeployment of things. moncler jackets

"Between Korea and the U.S. is not any discussion of the redeployment of tactical nuclear weapons," Reuters quoted Yuan Liu Zhe 23 as saying,

"(South Korea) has never considered this option."

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