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American protesters against airport body scans of collective agreement

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23, in Washington, DC Reagan National Airport, moncler a passenger received total body scan. Xinhua

News Agency

■ "U.S. airport security search of sexual abuse triggered the controversy" to track

After several weeks on the Internet "intended", the United States around the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security

protesters dissatisfied with the New Deal EST 24, as "security at the nation's refusal." moncler jackets

They agreed on this day boycott of body scan before boarding, requiring manual body search to enable the airport to a standstill.

"No touch lower body" prada shoes

When hundreds of protesters will go to 27 airports, send hand-written leaflets, holding placards, which read, "You have the right to say: do

not accept checks radiation strip! Not allowed to touch the lower body! Say: I refuse."

Protest organizers, said that if 99% of Americans now agree to accept the whole body scan, and they will want to reduce this ratio to 95%.

42 prada sunglasses from Georgetown, Texas. He has plans to go to Austin airport check-in 24 to

wear a traditional Scottish male skirt. Shu Ken said: "If you give an inch, they'll take a yard. Soon you will see a football game to accept

that the body scan."

However, let Shuken somewhat disappointed that the Austin airport, his wife told him not equipped with body scanners. But he insists that

security had to wear skirts to show the protesters and the Internet make for unity.

Demonstrators called for a boycott took the opportunity to coach coupons outlet

Built on some of the protesters in the Facebook page, the organization called "We will not fly," to urge Americans to resist the opportunity

before Thanksgiving, mind taking other modes of transport.

New Jersey State Legislature Senator Mike Stewart Altay 23, said he would initiate a bill in the next month, the "excessive" sexual conduct

manual searches violated. Deer Tai said that if a person is searched, the private parts were touched, then the person violated the privacy of

that person will be deemed guilty of "sexual harassment", discount coach bags and by the New Jersey


21 this month, a female employee of ABC, said she accepted the airport in Newark, New Jersey manual search, the security staff's hand touched

the inside of her underwear. (Hsieh)

■ Sound

TSA: irresponsible protests moncler

For the civil protest, TSA Director John Pi Site urged the public not to participate in the boycott, because it may upset their already busy

air peak. His 23 news conference, said the protests are "irresponsible."

Pi Site is also committed to rapid and efficient screening of large populations. He also said that for the scan may worry about invasion of

privacy, security procedures will be some adjustments, but there will be a big change.

TSA said that moncler jackets the process of scanning the body as long as 10 seconds. If

passengers refuse to scan or scans showed abnormal, you must accept manual search, which takes 4 minutes or even longer.

Recently, the Atlanta airport security, 30 passengers are required to be scanned, only two were given the options search. Their main concern

is radiation hazard. Most passengers do not support the practice of the protesters that the escalation of security measures to make them feel

more secure. A male passenger said: "I think it should also open two flights, one is willing to accept people who prepared for scanning, and

the other to the unwilling." (Hsieh)

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