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Indian arrested for suspicion of accepting bribes financial executives

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Continue to simmer in the telecom scandal occasion, prada shoesIndia 24 and broke a scandal. The

number of state-owned financial sector executives suspected of accepting hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes to a large-scale illegal

loans to real estate companies.

Five executives have been detained prada sunglasses

Responsible for investigating corruption and crime, the federal Central Bureau of Investigation, India 24, arrested five executives of state

-owned financial enterprises, including the president of the Indian housing finance companies and the Central Bank of India, Punjab National

Bank and Indian Bank's senior management.

Bureau of Investigation said they accepted bribes,coach coupons outlet illegal loans to a number of

companies. Meanwhile, the three executives because of the private sector involved in the case were arrested. They will be held from July 29

to accept the investigation.

It is reported that illegal access to credit of the private sector most of the real estate business, there are several energy companies. But

these companies claim that their loans are obtained through proper channels.

Survey co-head of Canda 25, discount coach bags Swami told reporters that this series of corruption

cases from the amount of bribery involving hundreds of millions of dollars, a higher loan amount, but he did not disclose the specific


According to reports, Bureau of Investigation last year, found a clue to the past year, the five cities in India, investigation and evidence

collection. The survey found that five executives of state-owned financial enterprises through the listing of the "financial financial

services company," the middleman, moncler to the number of loans to real estate companies, while

accepting their bribes. However, Central Bureau of Investigation did not reveal other bribery business.

Secretary of the Treasury to finance self-examination moncler jackets

25 Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee issued a statement calling including banking, insurance and finance companies, including all financial

institutions in the country, to re-examine the business dealings with these companies, and prompted one of the risk.

Scandal, involving the company's stock plunged, with India housing finance company's stock fell 18%. Indian housing finance company's parent

company, the country's moncler largest life insurance company insurance companies in India said

in a statement, will be re-appointed home financing company executives.

This month, India's high-level corruption cases exposed in the third pile. November 9, India, Maharashtra Chief Minister

moncler jackets illegal access to government Anju resign. 14, the alleged sale of 2G licenses

to ultra-low prices so that the state suffered loss of nearly 1.77 trillion rupees, India's telecoms minister to resign. (Zhang Le)

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