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Obama playing basketball was injured lip sewing needle 12

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WASHINGTON, Nov.prada shoes 26 (Xinhua Wang Fengfeng Du Jing) Obama 26, injured while playing

basketball. White House says the doctor to sew his lips in a 12-pin. prada sunglasses

Obama and friends of the morning, coach coupons outlet and personal assistant Reggie Love to the

military base at Fort McNair in Washington to play basketball. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said, the game in which a player

accidentally bumped elbows lips Obama, Obama caused injuries.

Injury, Obama returned the White House for coach bags White House, his medical

team of 12 sewing needles to close wounds. Gibbs said the doctor used a thinner than usual suture line, which can reduce the scars, but it

also means that the number of needle sewing some more.

It is moncler not clear whether this will impact on his face. A time when the U.S. Thanksgiving

holiday, Obama is no official arrangements for this weekend, but soon after surgery news, local journalists have been stationed at the White

House to see Obama in the White House, moncler jackets walking in the room.

Obama likes basketball, moncler the National Basketball Association Chicago Bulls fans. In

addition to enjoy watching basketball, he also likes to play basketball, often invite friends and family games. Birthday in August this year,

he and NBA star Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and other stars to play to celebrate.moncler jackets

Love is Obama's personal assistant, Duke University, 2001 American Collegiate Athletic Association Basketball Championship team members, two

from the presidential campaign from Obama is "the ball take the child."

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