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European Ariane rocket successfully launched two communications satellites

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PARIS, Nov.prada shoes 26 (Xinhua Li Xuemei), France Paris time at 19:41 on the 26th (Beijing

time at 2:41 on the 27th), the European Ariane 5 rocket carrying two communications satellites from French Guiana Kourou Space Launch Center.

According prada sunglasses to the European company Arianespace live television, the rocket

carrying the International Telecommunications Satellite Group, Intelsat-17 satellite and European operator Avanti (Avanti) communications

company Hylas-1, coach coupons outlet and 27 minutes in the sky 34 minutes later, the two

satellites from the rocket has entered the temporary track. According to plan, they will in a few days into Earth orbit.

According to Arianespace Company, discount coach bags Intelsat-17 satellite, weighing 5.54 tons,

into a predetermined geosynchronous orbit, it will replace the Intelsat-702 satellite, from the position of 66 degrees east longitude in

Europe, the Middle East,moncler Russia and Asia, users provide convenient communication services. In

addition, the satellite can ensure that the International Telecommunications Satellite Group in the Indian Ocean region video transmission

services. Hylas-1 satellite, weighing 2.57 tons,moncler jackets by the French Astrium and ISRO joint

manufacturing, design life of 15 years, after reaching orbit, moncler it will provide high-

speed broadband services across Europe.

This is the fifth Ariane rocket launches this year. Arianespace chief executive Jean - moncler

said at the beginning, the company launched in 2010 organized seven Ariane 5 rocket, and in 2009 the number of the flat model

rocket launch.

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