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Before the end of the Philippines said the rebels will resume peace talks

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MANILA, Nov. prada shoes 26 (Xinhua Tan Weibing) Philippine presidential spokesman Edwin

Laxieerda 26, said that although there are some outstanding issues, but are confident that the Philippine government before the end of the

Moro Islamic Liberation rebels Front prada sunglasses (MILF) and the Philippine National

Democratic Front, led a total re-open negotiations.

Laxieerda day,coach coupons outlet at a press conference at the presidential palace, said President

of the consultants have said the peace process, the Philippine government and MILF peace talks and the National Democratic Front of the plans

was held in December this year.

Speaking of peace talks with the MILF, discount coach bags the Laxieerda that as long as the

Government of Malaysia to meet the requirements of the Philippines, the Philippine government and MILF peace talks replace the Malaysian side

mediator of peace talks will resume immediately.

Laxieerda moncler also said a World Bank study estimated that, in 1979 and 2000, due to some of the

southern Philippines province of Mindanao region of armed conflict, the Philippines lost at least 2 billion to 3 billion U.S. dollars of

investment opportunities.

MILF more than 11,000 current members, since the late 70s of last century since the founding of the Mindanao region in the southern

Philippines has been seeking to establish self-government. Although many times the ceasefire agreement signed with the Government, but these

agreements were not implemented effectively. moncler jackets Aquino III as President of the

Philippines, the MILF goodwill from time to time, called for a political solution to their differences.

Since 1993,moncler the Philippine government started peace talks with the Philippine Communist

Party, but has failed to reach a substantive peace agreement. Since then, the negotiations broke down once. In 2004, under the good offices

of the Government of Norway,moncler jackets the Philippines Government and the Philippines were

the National Democratic Front under the leadership had to restart peace talks in Oslo, in the end a deadlock.

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