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Inside Network File Encryption & T will announce the U.S

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A Sangqi broke the news or the more lethal than the previous two. moncler

United States and Britain has been a close partner to appear in the image of this may be damaged.

Comprehensive reports moncler jackets Information Times "broke the King" is about to launch another

wave of wiki Secret Web site broke the news also the world's best action, the U.S. State Department disclosed the contents of encrypted

telegrams. It is reported that the number of files more than 7 times than the war in Iraq, but the content is very sensitive to touch much of

the U.S. foreign policy issues, prada shoes including allegations of corruption against foreign

governments. According to the disclosure, "Wikipedia Secret" ready to disclose information sufficient to embarrass foreign governments and

leaders, I am afraid it will give the U.S. prada sunglasses a negative impact on diplomatic

relations. The confidential information will be in the United States, Britain and Germany also announced on the media.

Or led to a U.S. diplomatic tensions

It is understood that the file mentioned in the countries and regions including Russia, Afghanistan and Central Asian countries. Another

source said that some of the documents also included in the East Asia and Europe, coach coupons outlet

Washington, U.S. diplomats presented to the embarrassment of charges.

Crowley, the U.S. State Department spokesman, discount coach bags said authorities had informed the

foreign government "in the near future there will be documents to be published." He said: "We condemn such acts. Disclose these documents

undermine the United States and our interests, it will only make us (and others) the relationship has become strained. We hope this incident

will not happen, but we have done prepare it is bound to happen. "

It is moncler alleged that the information came to light, may cause a strong rebound in the

countries, and even expulsion of U.S. diplomats. Countries currently include the United States informed the United Kingdom, Australia,

Canada, Denmark and Norway.

British Prime Minister met with U.S. ambassador

Cameron has received the Prime Minister to remind the United States, saying U.S. and British special relationship between the secret or

mysterious. moncler jackets U.S. ambassador to London an unprecedented visit in person at 10

Downing Street, Cameron, said the WikiLeaks Web site will be published a large number of secret documents relating to many of Washington's

view of Britain's true. Total of 300 million documents, including thousands from the British Embassy in sensitive telegram sent back home.

The British Government is very anxious, the results from the Department of Defense issued a notice of sealing the media, warning that

publication of these secrets would undermine national security. A British officials said they feared the information would be exposed to

France's contempt for U.S. and British governments.

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