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Against drug trafficking gang slums of Brazil declared victory in Action

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28, moncler Rio de Janeiro police search for drug traffickers in the slums of Allais Mao gangsters.

28 Brazilian police said the helicopters and tanks, armored vehicles in the strong advance, in Rio de Janeiro slum raid carried out by drug gangs action victory.

Globo moncler jackets television showed footage of troops from the country's elite anti-terrorism special forces team members dressed in black and carrying a weapon into the slums of Rio de Janeiro Allais Mao. prada shoes At the same time, military helicopter gunships and heavy weapons cover the implementation of low altitude and location provided drug information.

Hundreds of alleged drug traffickers and police confrontation.prada sunglasses However, the news from the police, special forces into the slums of the resistance encountered is smaller than expected. Although there are drug traffickers in the slums of some of the secrets hidden within the base, but the police have largely controlled this area.

Rio de Janeiro State is responsible for the military and police matters, coach coupons outlet said head of operations Mario Duarte victory. "We won, we Alai Mao slum dwellers to bring freedom."

However, discount coach bags some gangs involved in the day of action against the police said they did not completely control the slums, "We know there are gangsters in the resistance, we need to search door to door, to drive them out."

Not behind closed doors to local residents, moncler some people lying on the window and carefully observed the police action. Street can see a lot of bullet casings, some of the bunkers as fighting a bloodstain on the building.

Current official moncler jackets also did not give specific casualty figures. Some media reported that as of 27 May, at least 46 people were killed, mostly suspected drug traffickers. Another 76 suspects were arrested. (Zhang Le)

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