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Haiti's first election after a strong earthquake to vote

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Xinhua-au-Prince moncler November 28 (Xinhua Liu Lianxiang Zhao Yan) in the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti peacekeeping forces caution, the Haitian presidential election, 28 am local time began. The elections will elect a new president, moncler jackets 99 deputies and 11 senators.

Reporters see on the streets in Port-au, the local voters from 6:00 to rush to the polling stations after another, some long lines outside polling team, prada shoes under the protection of United Nations soldiers to vote in an orderly manner. During the campaign a few days ago when the candidate has attacked Michelle Marte Lee also followers of the United Nations under the protection of soldiers and went to the polls to vote. prada sunglasses

According coach coupons outlet to the Haitian Provisional Electoral Council released figures, the country set up more than 1,500 polling centers, 11,181 polling stations, 470 million registered voters. The presidential election total of 18 candidates, according to opinion polls, the National Unity Party of the Democratic Progressive Alliance and the highest voice of the two coach bags

Thismoncler is Haiti on January 12 this year after a strong earthquake occurred at the first general election, the international community's attention. There are more than 60 representatives of international organizations to observe and supervise elections in Haiti.

According to the relevant provisions of the Haitian electoral law, the current round of general election voting will end at 4 pm the same day,moncler jackets Dec. 7 announced preliminary voting results of the presidential candidate if there is no more than 50% of votes, will hold the second round of voting.

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