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U.S. Embassy in Yemen denies attack on the northern

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Xinhua Sana'a Nov. coach outlet 28 (Xinhua Ke Wang Autumn Melody) 28 U.S. Embassy in Yemen issued a statement earlier in the northern Jawf and Sa'ada province, two for armed Shiite Jose suicide attacks condemned the incident and denied the incident with these two attacks.

U.S. coach poppy embassy in Yemen, a statement posted on its Web site, said Jose 26 Shiite militants claimed the Information Office of the U.S. government masterminded the November 24 and 26 in the two attacks together or two, the Embassy of This "absurd and baseless claim" was "very dismayed" that the attacks saying the same friends and relatives of the deceased can not explain.

U.S. Embassy in Yemen is still a statement that occurred in the northern Jawf and Sa'ada province, two for armed Shiite Jose strongly condemned suicide attacks,coach factory outlet and that such deliberate attacks against civilians, is a outrageous behavior, the U.S. government expressed deep sympathy for the families of the victims.

Jawf province in northern Yemen, 24, occurred the morning of the armed rebellion against the leader of Jose's car bomb attack, killing at least 16 people were killed. The northern province of Sada, 26 occurred in the armed insurgency against the Shi'ite Jose's car bomb attack, killing 40 people.

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