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South Korea cancel shelling exercises held today

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November 29, moncler the second day of the Korea-US joint military exercises between the two

countries deployed carrier-based aircraft and other weapons were high-intensity tactical training. But South Korea canceled a scheduled 30 in

Yin Ping Island live-fire exercise held.

South Korean media reported, moncler jackets 29, the Korea-US military exercises between the two

countries in Gunsan, North Jeolla 66 kilometers west of Hong Kong to Qingdao and at Chungnam Taean Peninsula, Gregor, flying west for the

islands and other places. Including joint air defense exercises, aircraft brigade training, anti-submarine exercises, joint exercises at sea

and other supplies tactical maneuver. prada shoes Korean media quoted military sources said the

exercise continuously for 24 hours.

U.S. forces sent a "George Washington" nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, J-STARS surveillance aircraft, 9,600-ton cruisers and 9750-ton

destroyer participated in the day's exercise. South Korean military, including 7,600 tons of equipment into the "King Sejong" Aegis

destroyers, two 4,500-ton destroyer (KDX-Ⅱ), and patrol boats, frigates, combat support ship and anti-submarine aircraft.

North Korea said was "brutal challenge" prada sunglasses

On the same day, North Korea, "Rodong Sinmun" comment that the US-ROK joint military exercises against the DPRK in the new and serious

military provocation. coach coupons outlet

Commented that the Korean and the international community's wish to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula, maintain peace, and the US-ROK

joint military exercise held this desire is the "brutal challenge." discount coach bags

Last week, the inter-Korean island of artillery in the Yin Ping, Yin Ping on the island led to 4 deaths and 18 injured. South Korea and the

United States started 28 consecutive West Sea in Korea joint military exercise held in 4 days.

Yan Ping Island today to cancel the exercise

29,moncler South Korean naval forces stationed in the island once Yin Ping said, will be at

10:00 on the 30th carried out live firing exercises on the island and called on the island of civilians hiding in bomb shelters at least half

an hour. South Korean officials stressed that the live firing exercise will be in the waters southwest of Yin Ping Island, fired artillery

shells, rather than towards the North direction.

29 Later,moncler jackets South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, announced, scheduled to be held 30

live-fire exercises will be canceled. Joint Chiefs of Staff said the Navy Yin Ping 30 days notice of the exercise force, is "an error

notice", but "firing exercise in the future, select the appropriate time."

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