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Rome bus company employees are executives of 850 friends

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Rome, moncler Italy, the city's mayor recently ordered a bus company to investigate. According to

reports, the company hired employees, more than 850 people are relatives of senior management, which also includes a Showgirls.

Questioned the former president

28, moncler jackets British media reported over the past more than two years, this transportation

company called ATAC public transport operators to executives employed 854 friends and relatives, many of them former president of the company

prada shoes Bodu Qi related.

Showgirls 25-year-old, part-time local television anchor Julia Perez Greenough Bodu Qi is considered to be arranged to work for this company

is one of the relatives and friends. Perez Greenough, chairman of Marco Correa ATAC is currently the secretary mentioned.

Bodu Qi 27, denied accusations of related, he said: "These (allegations) are not true."

Chairman and Secretary of the High School Diploma prada sunglasses

In this scandal, Perez Gerry Nuosi feel that their work without any problems, she said: "Jump in a variety of burlesque is just one of my, I

really took the exam became Company Secretary The. "

But coach coupons outlet Perez Greenough said she can not remember where the examination was held,

do not remember what exam, "I am sure to pass the exam, because I received a phone call saying I got the job, but I do not remember other

details, and I am not good at remember names or dates. "

When asked whether they have the qualifications to become Secretary of the certificate, Perez Greenough shook his head, said: "No, but I have

a high school diploma. discount coach bags Are we going to have to have a secretary certificates?"

Mayor demanding a thorough investigation

Al Mayor of Rome's office issued a statement saying the Mano, the mayor has asked friends and relatives of the ATAC executives employed by

companies to provide a comprehensive report regarding all relevant certificates and qualifications of personnel information on job interviews

and so on will be checked.

"We hope that the initial report submitted not later than 15 days in the mayor."

Find a job through the back door by nepotism is widespread in Italian society,moncler a lot of

work arrangements rather than through personal relationships and work experience qualifications of job seekers.

Promote the value of party members fighting in Italy,moncler jackets Rome City Council Vincenzo

Malu Qiao Speaking ATAC corporate scandals, said: "This is for those unemployed and looking for work, and had to endure the terrible public

transport services in Rome the humiliation of people. "(Ma Jing)

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