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Israeli agents accused of murder of Iranian nuclear experts

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Tehran,moncler 29, two explosions occurred, a nuclear scientist was killed and another injured in

nuclear scientist. Iran, the Israeli Mossad agent would be a bomb attached to a motorcycle two experts on the car and it exploded.

More than 8 am local time,moncler jackets Beheshti University, Majid Shah, professor of nuclear

physics in the car driving on the streets of Liberia, and a motorcycle near the car, the bomb attached to the car to leave the body quickly,

then the bomb exploded, Shah was killed in Liberia, and he and his wife were injured by a car.

Another school of nuclear physics professor and his wife, Abbasi was the same attack, two others injured.

According to reports, prada shoes Shah Beheshti University of Liberia in the nuclear engineering

major, is the current state of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization of Xisalixi students, Salehi said in a statement in the murder of Shah Maria

is a great loss .

Iranian media said that Shah had participated in the Adriatic in the Atomic Energy Organization of an important scientific research

activities, it may be related to uranium enrichment program. prada sunglasses But did not

explain in detail the activities.

Abbasi was awarded the doctorate in nuclear physics, the current Department of Defense in Iran, mainly responsible for research and

application of laser technology. coach coupons outlet He is one of the few Iran nuclear isotope

separation in the important field of accomplished experts.

Warned Israel "Do not play with fire" discount coach bags

After the incident, Iran accused the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad planned the attack, warning Israel to "Do not play with fire."

Vice President of Iran,moncler the IAEA organized the main Xisalixi said, "Do not play with

fire, the Iranian nation's patience is limited." President Ahmadinejad stressed that this assassination will not stop Iran's nuclear program


Iran has accused the Western and Israeli intelligence Mossad engineered the assassination of the activities of the country's nuclear

scientists, in order to prevent Iran from developing nuclear program.

Iranian moncler jackets media said that with the help of the United States, Israel's "Running

out of action" has targeted a key figure for the removal of nuclear programs, in addition to raw materials could damage Iran's nuclear supply

chain. (Zhang Le)

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