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Iran's capital, the public holiday for two days because of air pollution is serious

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November 28, in the Iranian capital Tehran, people wear a mask travel.

December 1 and 2, moncler the Iranian capital Tehran, government agencies, financial institutions

and the school holidays for two days due to local air pollution is too serious. This is not the first time due to air Tehran poor people

"enjoy" to the additional public holiday. Respiratory morbidity 30% jump "Tehran's air pollution is indeed serious, is forced to leave the

initiative." Iranians do business in China Xiede He said so. moncler jackets

Xiede He's home in the eastern Iranian city of Mashhad, Khorasan Province, was attending a university in Tehran. His profound understanding

of the air condition in Tehran. "In severe cases, the entire city is a gray, slightly higher terrain north of the city better point, he sent

a lot of South City. Our university is on the north of the city, even so, there are always to wear masks to go out."

Iran's health minister said that the recent round of severe air pollution in the incidence of respiratory diseases increased by 30%. Some

medical institutions to respond to the call, prada shoes the main square in Tehran and the

establishment of a temporary medical point of intersection, and distribute masks to the public clinics.

Xiede He said there have been similar to the situation. Students from Tehran, where he learned that the government issued a call to have

respiratory history, history of heart disease in residents not to go out for a long time, not to exercise or eat open air.

"I am a friend of children in primary school, according to him, prada sunglasses the city's

primary schools are closed and awaiting resumption notice to class."

Back in 2007, Tehran poor air quality to be questioned. At that time, the Clean Air Committee, Tehran

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Zahran said the city a month the number of internal air pollution up to 3600 people died, he even said that people

living in that environment is tantamount to "collective suicide."

1.2% of national land to accommodate 1 / 6 of the population discount coach bags

Almost every year from October to next January are the days of increased air pollution in Tehran.

Tehran, the Iranian plateau at the southern end of the northern basin, north, east, and west sides of mountains and hills, particularly in

the northern mountains blocking the air flow from the Caspian Sea, is not conducive to dispersing pollutants. Over the past three weeks, as

the wind weakens, the rapid deterioration of Tehran air pollution index, content of various pollutants over urban areas, in particular, the

content of respirable particulate matter seriously overweight. moncler

In addition to poor air circulation, precipitation decreased, the increasing size of the city of Tehran, the population is too concentrated,

the impact on air quality should not be overlooked.

Tehran moncler jackets is Iran's provincial-level administrative region, with 1,300 million

people, accounting for Iran's one-sixth of the population, while the province's area of only 1.9 million square kilometers, and the country

compared to 1.636 million square kilometers of land, less than the proportion of 1.2%.

Tehran, Tehran Province, the center of the city is the city with 800 million people, focus on the country's important government agencies,

research institutes, financial institutions and other facilities. High concentration of population, land area is small, troubled by Tehran's

long-term bottleneck in the development of air quality is an important reason for the high.

80s of last century in the Iran-Iraq war, Iran appears a lot of homeless refugees, when he was committed to Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah

Ruhollah Khomeini, who will create the conditions of life in the city. Iran's government will focus on building houses on a lot, but they

ignore the city's long-term planning. More and more people from all over the country to the capital Tehran, as the late 80s, every year about

10 million people moved from outside the capital to live.

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