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European countries caught in a blizzard hit

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The recent cold wave sweeping across many European countries. Denmark, Germany, France, Britain, Poland, Austria and other countries experienced a rare snowstorm, the temperature plummeted. Inclement weather not only causes traffic jams in these countries, flight cancellation, power failure, seriously affecting people's lives, even on people's lives and health threat.

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25 years experience minimum temperature in November

In Britain, this wide range of snow from last week visited the whole territory of the United Kingdom, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, there are some places snow. 28, the Met Office issued a notice that this is the United Kingdom in November since 1993, experienced a maximum range of snow. 27 at night, Wales and Northern Ireland the lowest temperature reached minus 18 degrees Celsius and minus 9.5 degrees Celsius, breaking the record of the local meteorological records since the November minimum temperature is the United Kingdom since 1985, the minimum temperature recorded in November. moncler jackets

Closed due to heavy snowfall across the UK hundreds of schools, 4 games Scottish Football League matches postponed. Scottish and Southern Energy Group, said that Perth and Tayside region 3000 houses without power. prada shoes

In addition, many cities in the United Kingdom flights due to inclement weather affected. Edinburgh, Scotland, Glasgow, Aberdeen airport runway covered with snow, could not take off and land the aircraft without clearance. The BBC reported that some areas in Scotland, hundreds of cars trapped streets, prada sunglasses the southern city of Perth to build a rest center, receiving 650 drivers and passengers stranded overnight. Met Office forecasts, the next week as the impact of strong winds in some places may be colder.

However, coach coupons outlet strong cool weather also brought a windfall to the police. North West Kent, England, two thieves steal a boiler, only to freeze the pot of water droplets fall to the ground, the police, "six steps", and arrested the two men.

In addition, Central and Eastern Europe in most parts of Poland and the Czech Heavy snow last weekend, Austria, Switzerland, 26 and 27 also ushered in the year the first snow of winter.

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Beijing Capital International Airport closed because of storm

Nordic countries Denmark, dump heavy snow throughout the weekend. Danish National Observatory 29, reported that the northern Jutland temperature of minus 27, 3.8 degrees Celsius during the day, the highest in Denmark 120 years in November minimum temperature during the day.

28 at night, the Danish capital of Copenhagen region is the emergence of a rare snowstorm, accompanied by strong winds and lightning, the road more than 10 cm thick snow. 29, Copenhagen Airport temporarily closed the morning, this is the first time in 25 years since the airport closed because of snow. moncler


Dozens of casualties caused by traffic accidents

Heavy snow in Germany 29, the same all over the country there are different levels of road congestion, road traffic accidents occurred thousands, at least 3 people killed in a car accident, while hundreds of flights were canceled due to heavy snow.

As of 29 May evening, the day of Germany's largest airport, Frankfurt Airport flights taking off and landing of about 1,300, nearly 200 were canceled; second-largest airport, Munich airport take off and land the same day about 1,100 flights, 170 were canceled. Stuttgart, Nuremberg and other places a large number of airport flight delays.

29, heavy snow caused thousands of road traffic accidents, accidents concentrated in the largest snowfall in central Hesse, Bavaria and other places, killing at least three people were killed and dozens injured.

German Weather Service, said Germany will continue in the coming week snow, cool temperatures at night in some areas may fall to minus 20 degrees Celsius.

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Heating is not among the 54 "gas"

Neighboring France and Germany cold weather hit. The cold spell swept France last weekend from the eastern, western and central regions. As heavy snowfall caused damage to the power supply facilities, a number of provinces in western and central France, recently to problems in the supply interruption.

Inclement weather on a serious impact on road transport in France. Lorraine in eastern France, snow and low temperature so that some sections of highway snow and ice, traffic departments have had to ban heavy goods vehicles to pass. At the same time, snow and ice are also some of the French urban public transport in central virtual standstill.

Cold weather has on people's lives and health threat. France, the latest statistics show that the health sector over the past 3 days, 54 people throughout France by heating carbon monoxide poisoning due to improper operation of hospital admission, including 13 children.

According to information released by the French meteorological department, the next week will remain in the cold in most parts of France, on December 1 and 3, further cooling of these areas may even break through the minimum temperature on record.

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