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Russia built the world's first nuclear fuel bank

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MOSCOW, Dec.prada sunglasses 1 (Xinhua Jacky Lau) 1 Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation announced that Russia and the International Atomic Energy Agency to build the world's first low-enriched uranium for nuclear fuel reserve bank completed.

Notice that the nuclear fuel bank located in the southeastern Siberian city of Angarsk uranium enrichment center at a, bank video: Russia built the world's first nuclear fuel bank

Source: Shandong TV "Morning News" prada handbags
There are 120 tons of purity from 2 to 4.95%, ranging from uranium enrichment, the purity of which accounted for 4.95% of the total amount of enriched uranium at least one-third. Notice added that the inventory of two 1,000-megawatt light-water sufficient for the load operation filled response to provide nuclear fuel.

Announcement stressed that the completion of nuclear fuel bank to meet those who are not capable of producing nuclear fuel needs of the country's peaceful use of nuclear energy. prada shoes

Russian Atomic Energy Kiriyenko, general manager of March this year, with the International Atomic Energy Agency Director-General in Vienna, Yukiya Amano to build the first pool of low-enriched uranium agreement.

As nuclear fuel, enriched uranium is divided into different levels of military and civilian. Purity of more than 90% enriched uranium, also known as "high-enriched uranium" or "weapons-grade enriched uranium", currently only used to make nuclear weapons. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency nuclear safeguards, the purity of 20% below grade enriched uranium for civilian nuclear fuel.

It is reported that Vietnam, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates and other countries are planning to develop nuclear power could become the object of supply of nuclear fuel bank.

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