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Royal Navy aircraft carrier Invincible retired auction to raise money

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AP Royal Navy plans to sell a film on the Internet retired aircraft carrier to slash funding through the defense budget now difficult period. men prada sunglasses

Raise money from the sale of military equipment

To be shot for the Navy's aircraft carrier "Invincible". By Associated Press November 30 statement, the auction will be conducted on a Navy Web site, the Navy is not clear at this stage whether the carrier will set the reserve price. British military on November 30, said in a statement, mens prada sunglasses the challenge of financial difficulties, any options are possible, "including the sale of military equipment."

The so-called financial difficulties, is that the British Government launched in October of this year's defense budget reduction program. According to this program in the next few years, in addition to special forces and the armed services, web-based electronic-related budget increase, the other regular military services budget slashed.

"Invincible" illustrious military exploits prada sunglasses

"Invincible" aircraft carrier in service, retired 2005 after 25 years. British military on the "Invincible" deep feelings. In 1982, it is the carrier alone took part in the Falklands war between Britain and Argentina. War, Prince Andrew is the "Invincible" carrier-based helicopter pilot. prada shoes

"Invincible" in 1993, has worked with the aircraft carrier "Ark Royal" was and "excellent" turn the aircraft carrier to participate in Yugoslavia and Bosnia no-fly zone of military operations. In 1999, the "Invincible" to move into the Mediterranean Sea into the Kosovo war.

"Invincible" data mens prada shoes

As a conventionally-powered aircraft carrier, "Invincible" long 206.6 meters, width 27.7 meters, the standard displacement of 16,000 tons full load displacement of 20,600 tons. The ship maximum speed of 28 knots, 18 knots cruising range 7,000 sea miles, the ship compilers 1051, including a crew of 685, 366 aviation personnel. Sea Harrier aircraft carrier F/A2 9, GR7 Harrier fighter 6, Sea King helicopters, more than ten aircraft.

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