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United States and Japan today launched the largest military exercise to date

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EIJING, Dec. men prada sunglasses 3 integrated power play today reported December 10,

the United States and Japan will launch a large-scale joint military exercise. The scale of the exercise will be the just concluded

US-South Korean joint military exercises 6 times more, is the largest US-Japan joint exercises between the two countries. Successive

military exercises in the context of the situation surrounding the Korean peninsula is still tense.

The largest US-Japan joint military exercise

It is reported that the code-named "sword" (Keen Sword) exercises that the United States and Japan since 1986, held the 10th joint

field exercise is the largest joint military exercise between the two countries.

The main contents of the joint military exercises and ballistic missile defense, the island defense. Okinawa, located at the eastern

waters, including Japan, including waters surrounding Japan as well as some Self-Defense Force base. Participating party is the Japan

Sea, mens prada sunglasses land and air self-defense, the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine

Corps Pacific, there will be 34,100 officers and men of the Armed Forces of Japan and the United States more than 10,400 officers and

men to participate.

Including Japan Maritime Self Defense Force Aegis frigates, the United States "George ? Washington" nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

and the B52 bomber about 60 ships, including about 400 fighter planes will take part in exercise. Among them, Japan will send 40

warships and 250 aircraft, the U.S. sent 20 warships to 150 aircraft. prada sunglasses

Japanese media said this week the US-ROK joint military exercise than a larger scale joint military exercises, the latter is 6 times.

Japanese Defense Ministry spokesman said the DPRK and the ROK joint military exercise last week to begin preparations before


A senior Japanese official said Japan and the U.S. now is to demonstrate the relationship between the best time.

US-Japan and South Korea continue to exercise prada shoes

November 23 Korean artillery fire after the incident, the U.S. Japan and South Korea announced a series of military exercises soon


December 3 -10 days, the US-Japan joint military exercise. Japan's Self-Defense Forces and U.S. forces in Japan will be all over the

airspace and the surrounding waters for joint exercises.

December 6 -12, South Korea fire exercises. Held in South Korea 29 waters, 16 of which in the Yellow Sea, East Sea in Korea, 7, 6 in

the southern waters. mens prada shoes

December 6 -15 days, the US-Japan joint training. Location in Japan Miyazaki and Kagoshima Kirishima within the exercise field.

Participating party for the Japanese Ground Self-Defense and the U.S. Marine Corps.

-3 In mid-February 2011 mid-month, US-Japan joint training. Shiga, Japan food court located at a field exercise field. By the

Japanese Ground Self-Defense jointly participating with the United States Marine Corps.

In addition, in 2011 South Korea held a number of large-scale joint military exercises. There were also reports that, according to a

senior South Korean official said, according to plan, there will be several times this year the Korea-US joint military exercises are

being held with the U.S. to discuss a specific time.

"Japanese Economic News" quoted Japanese Chief Cabinet Paradise Valley, then analyzed by the people, said the United States Japan and

South Korea will be a series of military exercises, which is bound to "bring pressure on the countries," the tense situation in East

Asia "will continue" .

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