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Côte d'Ivoire election results

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1Côte d'Ivoire election results Empty Côte d'Ivoire election results on Thu Dec 02, 2010 9:42 pm

ABIDJAN, Dec. 2 (Xinhua think) in C?te d'Ivoire, the Independent Electoral Commission announed

prada handbags sale Section 2 in Abidjan, the former Prime Minister, Lord Xiwatala RDR

party in the second round of presidential election 54.1% of the vote to win the vote, the Division announced the blockade of sea and

air military spokesman said the border that night.

Babri military spokesman at the Department announced the national television evening news hour blockade of the border "until the new

order." National Communications Commission has also decided to suspend foreign radio and television play in the Division.

Ouattara declared victory in the Bakayoko, Branch Chairman of the Constitutional Council announced that Paul Royal Ann Bender, these

results invalid. Paul Royal Ann Bender said: "The Independent Electoral Commission announced the results have been beyond the time

limit (at 0:00 on the 2nd ago). prada handbags The committee has since had no right to

determine the outcome." He said, the Constitutional Council requested the Independent Electoral Commission voting ballot sent to the

Constitutional Commission points by counting the Constitutional Council, review and publish the results.

C?te d'Ivoire, November 28 presidential election second round of voting, Branch current president of the Popular Front Party Chairman

Xi Babo and scientific former Prime Minister, Lord Xiwatala RDR party presidency race. prada


Gbagbo signed a decree on November 27 announced that 27 to December 1 curfew in order to ensure stability during the election period.

The opposition coalition announced a boycott of the curfew and held demonstrations in Abidjan of local activities. The control of the

former armed opposition, also opposed the curfew in the northern region. December 1, Gbagbo signed a decree again declared a curfew

extended to 5 days, 19 hours late hours to 6 am the next day.

October 31 this year conducted the first round of voting in the presidential election, 14 candidates running, but no one votes more

than half. prada shoes on sale Gbagbo and Ouattara of the vote were 38.3% and 32.08%,

the second round of voting.

September 2002, failed coup in C?te d'Ivoire civil war, the former armed opposition and government forces to form North and South

separatist situation. March 2007, Branch President Laurent Gbagbo and former rebel leader Soro signed the opposition, "the

Ouagadougou peace agreement", the two sides agreed to restart the peace process and achieve national reunification, Solomon was

subsequently appointed as prime minister. 8 years for the final end of the political crisis, C?te d'Ivoire decided to hold a

presidential election.

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