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Transformers U.S. Armored Speed Development

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United States is developing a new Transformers-style armored "speed", prada sunglasses

it combines off-road vehicles, helicopters and aircraft as a whole, the U.S. military hoped that this revolutionary coaster in the

near future into the Afghan battlefield.

This "speed" on the ground activities, prada handbags and a 4-wheel drive Hummer off-

road vehicles the same, but if you encounter the enemy roadblock, touch of a button, it can start off as like a helicopter rotor

blades, quickly left the "non- the land. " U.S. military can use it to avoid the deadly roadside bombs, improvements in remote bases

in logistics, special forces delivery to the Taliban stronghold. If the soldiers were ambushed, they can take the "speed" quick

escape. prada shoes

New Armor "speed" is about 20 feet in length, wingspan about 27 feet on the ground that it is about 65 miles per hour, the air is 150

miles. Activities on the ground, it can also be used 4-wheel drive mode "crawl" mode. "Speed" will be used to anti-explosion light

composite armor, bulletproof windows and equipped with machine guns and cannon. Its price is about 13 million pounds, with the

Ferrari sports car almost. Development is expected to be completed as early as early 2015. According to China Xinhua

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