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Fires occurred in northern Israel killed 40 people

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JERUSALEM, outlet 2 (Xinhua Hao Fang Yuan Zhenyu A) occurred in northern Israel

2 am fire, killing about 40 people were killed and thousands evacuated. Currently the fire has not yet been effectively controlled.

In the afternoon, a bus carrying 50 passengers when the bus lost control in the roll out of the fire surrounded the car who are not

video: Israel fires continue to cause dense smoke burst site

With the degree of injury. coach poppy Israeli aid organization "Red Shield of David,"

confirmed that an estimated 40 people were killed. Emergency personnel trying to rescue passengers near the bus, but the fire

affected by the limited progress.

Currently the fire is still expanding, coach factory outlet the University of Haifa, Beit

Oren collective farms and a nearby prison, 500 inmates have been evacuated in the affected areas. The Fire Department firefighters

are deployed reinforcements from the north of the country.

Cause of the fire is still under investigation, the police might be around the initial estimate of refuse by burning garbage dump.

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