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Seoul City Council discussed the motion trigger brawl

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December 1 Seoul City Council to discuss a motion, two groups of members fight.

It is reported that on December 1, coach bags Seoul, South Korea will benefit the city council is discussing a motion of the city's public school students --- are from 2011 to 2012, all public schools in Seoul elementary and middle school students with free lunch.

In his speech, the opposition Democratic Party agrees, and proposed a vote of the case. But the ruling Grand National Party, given that low-income groups should benefit as much as possible, coach handbags so strongly against the motion.

Members show to see heated debate between the two parties. A Grand National Party members rushed parliamentary rostrum, and the Democratic Party's spokesman was speaking theoretically, the two sides heated argument. After the quarrel extended to other Members of the scene, many members began pushing and shoving each other. coach boots

Media reported the video showed two groups of Members in the performance of the melee, "tough." Some people push each other's face, hands, or kicking each other's body. Members have a quick, breaking the Democratic Party's "blockade", trying to occupy the spokesman of the seat, but was dragged down other students.

Fight duration is not long, tangled Members were advised open, but also pointing toward each other, acrimony

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