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Seoul City Council discussed the motion trigger brawl

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WASHINGTON, outlet 3 (Xinhua Jiang Xufeng Liu Lina) fiscal responsibility and reform of the U.S. National Commission on 3 May vote on the deficit reduction program, the results failed to meet the program before the U.S. Congress passed the required number of votes, that Democrats and Republicans How to cut the deficit and tax policy, there are still differences.

1, the Commission officially announced the "radical" deficit reduction plan, proposed to cut through the defense, social welfare spending, postpone retirement age, the federal government to freeze the pay of employees plan the next three years the federal budget deficit reduction and other initiatives strive federal budget deficit by 2015 the proportion of gross domestic product dropped 2.3%.

The program should first obtain the 18 members of the Committee of 14 members in favor, to Parliament for approval. Committee held on 3 internal poll, only 11 members voted in favor of the program.

Obama announced in the coach poppy Commission said in a statement after the vote, employment and economic growth is the most urgent needs of the United States, the Commission's program that the U.S. economy still faces difficulties in the development of long-term, and the urgent need to reduce the high U.S. debt; Democrats and Republicans need to work together to successfully meet this challenge.

Economic recession and a deficit of fiscal policy for many years the U.S. public debt continue to accumulate, also led to the financial sustainability of America's concerns about the situation. Barack Obama in February this year, created by 18 Democratic and Republican lawmakers, academics and entrepreneurs together form the national fiscal responsibility and Reform Commission to study the control of expenditure and taxation options.

The end of the end of September this year, fiscal year 2010, coach factory outlet the U.S. federal budget deficit close to 1.3 trillion U.S. dollars, although slightly lower than last fiscal year, but the deficit share of GDP was still 8.9%, much higher than 3% of the internationally recognized cordon.

Economists pointed out that Democrats and Republicans are aware that high budget deficits threaten the U.S. economy, a sustainable recovery. But in the short term fiscal stimulus is still and continues to extend the United States the time limit for the unemployed to receive benefits, how to carry out fiscal consolidation in the medium term, and former President Bush's tax cuts are extended period, how long term tax reform, and many other issues , the two parties are still some points

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