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Approved the establishment of an international nuclear fuel bank

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Xinhua Vienna, Dec. 3 (Xinhua Liu Gang) is sensible Vienna, International Atomic Energy Agency will be meeting the evening of 3 decided to establish a nuclear fuel bank controlled by the International Atomic Energy Agency, to the peaceful use of nuclear energy non-nuclear states to provide nuclear fuel. prada handbags sale

After the Council of 35 Member States to fully express their views, the Council meeting that night with a roll-call vote, the way the issue of security of supply of nuclear fuel to vote, and finally by 28 votes to 0 votes against and 6 abstentions, adopted the establishment of nuclear fuel bank resolution. prada handbags But Pakistan is not the way to vote on the resolution to express their discontent.

Low enriched uranium fuel bank to establish the IAEA Board meeting on this issue more heated debate.

The concentration of low-enriched uranium is 2% to 4.95% enriched uranium, used primarily as fuel for civilian nuclear power plants. In theory, after repeated low-enriched uranium enrichment, nuclear weapons can be the concentration required for 95% of the highly enriched uranium. Therefore, the uranium enrichment technology for peaceful purposes can also be used for military purposes.

The meeting considered proposals to establish nuclear fuel bank proposed by the United States, the core of the multilateral International Atomic Energy Agency-controlled nuclear fuel supply security mechanism: nuclear fuel bank to non-nuclear countries, the peaceful uses of nuclear energy to provide low enriched uranium fuel, so that non-nuclear states do not have their own production of nuclear fuel can also be peaceful use of nuclear energy. prada outlet To prevent nuclear technology, especially uranium enrichment technology has been used for military purposes.

However, some countries, prada shoes on sale the program raised the question that it deprives the non-nuclear states the right to fully master nuclear technology, was also worried about the use of certain nuclear fuel supply to the hands of the right to supply the country to achieve their political ends.

In the evening session of the IAEA Board to consider this issue, the Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Office at Vienna and other international organizations on behalf of the delegation, Ambassador Hu Xiaodi speak on behalf of the Chinese Government, I hope the IAEA can maintain independence under the premise of the establishment of a multilateral nuclear fuel supply security mechanisms to play an active role so that both the nuclear safeguards to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, but also to affect the right of countries to the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

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