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Pakistan, two suicide attacks

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1Pakistan, two suicide attacks  Empty Pakistan, two suicide attacks on Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:22 pm

International online coverage (Sun clever reporter in Pakistan) Pakistan's Mohmand tribal region in northwestern 6, two suicide bombings, killing at least 50 people were killed and 100 wounded, many seriously injured.

According to Pakistani officials told the media that the two suicide attacks in northwest Pakistan Mohmand Video: Pakistan were 90 suicide attacks caused many casualties men prada sunglasses

Ga tribal areas to the main town Chennai, 175 km northwest from the capital Islamabad. On that day, two suicide bombers riding a motorcycle attempted to tribal areas to launch attacks on the Chief Executive's Office, one of the attackers detonated explosives outside the office, another in the security personnel tried to arrest the attackers, this name fails to escape the attackers also detonated explosives. At least two offices and a balcony was destroyed.

Time of the attack, mens prada sunglasses Mohmand region is the Chief Executive and the local tribal elders and more than 100 administrative officials held talks in the office to discuss the security situation in the tribal areas, mainly to discuss the establishment of anti-Taliban militants. Local officials said the two attackers were wearing police uniforms tribal, disguised as police officers, and a suicide vest full of ammunition, so the attack caused heavy casualties. The victims and the injured included tribal elders, government officials, police and civilians. There are two local television reporters have died.

After the attack, prada sunglasses a Taliban spokesman claimed responsibility for the attack on the two and threatened to kill anyone who want to set up anti-Taliban militia man. After the attack, Pakistani security forces in the Mohmand region declared martial law and launched a search, all out of the area of the channel is closed. Pakistan's military has in the region against the Taliban and al-Qaida crackdown has been carried out, but not complete elimination of militants. Pakistan's military encouraged the establishment of local tribal militias against the Taliban, the militia has been made with varying degrees of success, but also become targets of the Taliban. November 5, the Pakistani Taliban mosque in the northwestern region launched a suicide bomb attack, killing at least 67 people were killed and 100 wounded, while the mosque is a meeting of tribal elders to discuss how often against Tully classes where, and therefore become targets of the Taliban.

December 6 attack in Mohmand tribal region this year is the second occurrence of more serious suicide attacks. July 9, a suicide bomber detonated the explosives within the area of a market, resulting in 107 deaths and 120 injured. Pakistani Taliban attacks have been announced in July that the organization should do.prada shoes

After the attack,Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and President Zardari said the attacks were strongly condemned the attack and ordered an immediate investigation. They said the attack was barbaric acts of cruelty, the Pakistani government and people will not be blocked by terrorism, mens prada shoes people will unite to eradicate the threat of terrorism. Pakistan's tribal areas of administrative officials and elders have condemned the attacks. Khyber - Pashtun Provincial Information Minister Iftikhar Hussain said that the Taliban militants to launch such attacks, that they are completely ignoring the civilian life terrorists.

In fact, the Mohmand tribal region of Pakistan's seven Federally Administered Tribal Areas, one bordering Afghanistan, the Taliban rebels and the "base" organizations are active in the region. The last two years, Palestinian security forces have been Mohmand and Bajaur and the nearby Khyber tribal region launched military operations to suppress the Taliban. As the Taliban has been trying to control the tribal areas, the tribal elders of the acts of the Government of Pakistan against the Taliban more support. Analysts believe that the spate of violence in popular support, tribal elders, this is very offensive, it has further strengthened the determination of anti-Taliban tribal areas.

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