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Spain 442 air controller strike in the survey because of

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anish Development and Housing Minister HE Sable orchid 5, coach outlet said the air strike in the country has adopted a dispatcher "irresponsible" attitude, their practice can not go unpunished. Spanish Airport and Aviation Authority has opened disciplinary proceedings of these people, some of whom have received notice of investigation.
Blanco said at a news conference, a total of 442 aviation dispatcher under investigation. Disciplinary action means that some results: recorded in the file, suspend work and suspended pay and dismissal.

At the same time, cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, where's Procuratorate has launched a criminal investigation of strikes in the strike affected some of the consumers have in the civil courts. coach poppy
Spain Air Command air traffic controller 3 in the case without prior notice to hold a national strike, so the major airports to a standstill, about 2,000 flights, travel hundreds of thousands of passengers affected. The strike led to addition of Andalusia autonomous closed airspace around the outside of the Spanish National Civil Aviation paralyzed.

4 afternoon, coach factory outlet the air strike to return to work after another dispatcher. 5, the control center of the country and around the airport control tower to resume normal work. Due to the need to re-configure all the flight plan, the Spanish Civil Aviation return to normal may take a few days.

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