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Russia launches 3 navigation satellite failed

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AP source said the Russian space agency, Russia launched three 5 "GLONASS-M"-type navigation satellite may be due to the failure of a computer program error.

Russian news agency quoted sources as saying the reports were: "Some experts believe that (carrying satellites) 'Proton-M' type video: Russia launches 3 navigation satellite failed to enter orbit moncler

Rocket board computer system program errors, resulting in excessive engine boosted rocket into orbit in question. "

5 Russian space agency said in a statement, "Proton-M"-type rocket abnormal, the three "GLONASS-M"-type navigation satellite and the final level of propulsion into the wrong orbit, after the fall in Hawaii Honolulu, the state capital of the Northwest Pacific Ocean about 1,500 km. moncler outlet

Space agency RIA Novosti quoted sources as saying the satellite and thruster firing into the wrong orbit to leave the coverage area, so that Russia can not fix track.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered an investigation to determine the events responsible.

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