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France plans to help India build two nuclear power plants

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7, Nicolas Sarkozy, wife Bruni-kai, in Mumbai, India to participate as victims of terrorist attacks in Mumbai at the memorial ceremony.vcoach bags

Visit to India, French President Nicolas Sarkozy 6, signed with the relevant departments of India, the total number of multi-billion dollar nuclear energy agreement. Under the agreement, France will help India build two nuclear power plants. Sarkozy also declared that it would support India to become a permanent member of UN Security Council.

Yu Jian 20 nuclear power plants in India coach handbags

Total nuclear energy agreement between the two countries up to 93 billion U.S. dollars, Nicolas Sarkozy and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself attended the signing ceremony. French state-owned nuclear engineering company Areva, will be in western India's Maharashtra construction of two nuclear power plants, reactors of 1650 MW each.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on energy cooperation and nuclear power, France was pleased. He said that India's rapid economic development, energy demand growing strongly. coach boots The country plans to build 20 in the next few years, nuclear power plants. Construction of two nuclear power plants in France will be the start of this massive project works.

India's civilian nuclear energy market has been the world's nuclear powers to chase the target. United States and Japan to India and other countries in this area has shown a rather interesting approach.

Indian mainstream media, "the Times of India," said Sarkozy's visit to India looking at civilian nuclear power. 9.3 billion for the big one has not completely recover from the financial crisis, France, create more jobs and business profits.

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