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Japan's first Venus probe failed to enter orbit

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China news agency, Tokyo, December 8 (Reporter Xie Guoqiao) - 8, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency announced that Japan's first Venus probe "dawn" was not reach its intended orbit. After 7 years ago, "hope" after a failed Mars probe, Japan's planetary exploration program once again suffered a serious setback.

"Dawn" was May 21 this year, at Kyushu's Kagoshima Prefecture in the Tanegashima Space Center launch. The way the flight to Venus, "dawn" was been working properly.moncler

December 7 morning, "dawn" arrives over 550 km of Venus, the main engine started an anti-jet to decelerate into orbit.

Subsequently, the "dawn" was entering the back of Venus, and ground communication interruption. This is the expected thing, the original projection of this process takes 20 minutes. Surprisingly, 1.5 hours "dawn" was only restored with the ground communication. In this process, the main jet engine anti-abnormal, leading to "dawn" was not enough, and Venus pass slow, failed to enter orbit.

According to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency projections, "dawn" was scheduled to enter orbit, the main engine continued to counter-jet to be about 12 minutes, but the actual injection only 2-3 minutes. The agency has begun investigating the cause of failure.

According to expert analysis, failure may be partly due out in Japan, made of pure pride, the world's first ceramic made of "dawn" was the main engine. The agency said that "dawn" was 6 years will be close to Venus again, then it will once again attempt to enter orbit.moncler outlet

This is the "hope" after a failed Mars probe, Japan once again suffered a serious setback. In 1998, Japan launched the "hope" Mars probe. In the way to Mars, "Hope" continued failure, despite repeated adjustments, ultimately failed due to power failure, communications systems into orbit in 2003 ended in failure.

"Dawn" is the Japan's first Venus probe, long, 1.4 meters wide, about 1 meter high and weighing about 500 kg, equipped with high-performance cameras and other advanced equipment, the purpose of sports is the atmosphere of Venus, lightning and other observations and use the results to enhance the Earth's climate to global warming and other phenomena.

"Dawn" was the failure of the Japanese Government and the people quite disappointed, but also to Japan's future planetary exploration program cast a shadow.

"Daily News" commented that, in formulating next year's budget, the space program become common knowledge. "Dawn" was a total cost of 25 billion yen (about 2.1 billion yuan), this failure will make the space program has been criticized. China and other rapidly emerging countries catch up, it may lose in the space development of Japan's leadership.

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