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The capital of Bangladesh train collision

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1The capital of Bangladesh train collision  Empty The capital of Bangladesh train collision on Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:25 pm

BEIJING, outlet 8 Electric Dow Jones reported that senior officials of Bangladesh, 8 in the capital Dhaka the same day, two passenger trains collided, killing at least 19 people are known dead and 20 injured.

According to reports, officials said, including a train station just stop, the other one to hit up, into the car before the video: Bangladesh train crash site compartment severely deformed

Source compartment. Impact force of a large part led to two cars are cars, "was thrown into the sky." At least 19 people are known dead and 20 poppy

Local officials said the field staff and some trying to save people from the inside out, and some try to cut the twisted metal, people will be saved.

The injured were taken to hospital nearby for factory outlet There are still many people trapped in the car.

Bangladesh Railway Bureau official said that personally he was rushed to the scene, he feared it was "with a major accident, casualties may be more."

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