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Cote d'Ivoire President to form a new cabinet

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Xinhua News Agency,prada handbags sale the current President Laurent Gbagbo of C?te d'Ivoire 7, announced the new cabinet, with the opposition leader, former Prime Minister Alassane Ouattara announced the formation of the previous government to compete.

The situation in the international community fears could trigger unrest in C?te d'Ivoire to continue to put pressure on Gbagbo, I hope he "Peace to the right." prada handbags

Gbagbo's newly appointed Chief of Staff Desi preta Grove 7, announced the new cabinet list. Earlier in the day the new cabinet met for the first time in the Presidential Palace.prada outlet

Goode 7 comments to the media, the President of C?te d'Ivoire dispute with the United States 2000 presidential election analogy.

C?te d'Ivoire, prada shoes on sale November 28 presidential election second round. Independent Electoral Commission announced on December 2 Ouattara won. C?te d'Ivoire 3, abolished the Constitutional Council the results, announced Gbagbo won the election. They were sworn 4.

United Nations, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and other international organizations and the United States "champions" Ouattara, Gbagbo called for an early "transfer of power."

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