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Terrorist attack temple in India

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1Terrorist attack temple in India  Empty Terrorist attack temple in India on Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:43 pm

AP built a temple in northern India Bangwalana outside the West the evening of 7 bomb blast triggered stampede, resulting in a year-old girl dead and some 20 others were injured in at least two foreigners.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that this was a terrorist attack. men prada sunglasses

Explosion occurred at around 18:30 local time. Bristol Gerald police said the bomb hidden in a container for milk, place the stone steps leading to the Ganges.

When the explosion occurred near the region is held daily religious activities. India's internal affairs secretary G · K · Pillay said: "According to our information, this is a low intensity blast."

However, according to Indian officials have previously said, explosive strength as "moderate."

Terrorist attacks claimed mens prada sunglasses

India's Ministry of Interior said, including the capital New Delhi and Mumbai the day, including the major cities on high alert to prevent new terrorist attacks.

Terrorist organization in India, "Indian Mujahideen" claimed the evening of 7 manufacturing Varanasi attacks.

"Indian Mujahideen" wrote in an e-mail said several media and launched shortly before the bombings were in retaliation for the Babri Mosque in Uttar Pradesh to make decisions about.mens prada shoes

Interior Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram said that the authenticity of the message is identified.

September 30 this year, Uttar Pradesh High Court has ruled many years ago identified the destruction of the Babri mosque in northern
prada sunglasses place where the Hindu God is indeed the birthplace of Rama.

"Temples of the war," repeatedly cited massacre

India's "Ayodhya temple dispute" a long time. It is said that Rama was born in Ayodhya, where Hindus believe that there is an ancient Rama temple. 1528, the then Muslim rulers destroyed the temple, built at the site of the Babri mosque. Hindus demand the destruction of the mosque and rebuild Rama temple. Islam believes that the Temple did not exist before the Rama temple, therefore, strongly oppose the destruction of Temple temple.prada shoes

In 1992, more than 20 million Hindus began to gather in Ayodhya temple activities, some of the Hindu "voluntary service provider," the mosques destroyed. After the destruction of Temple, broke out across India between Hindus and Muslims in large-scale conflict, caused more than 2,000 lives. After that occurred in this region several bloody tragedy.

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