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British royal couple was attacked in London police chief to resign

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AP British media yesterday, the London police chief Paulcoach outlet heard the news of the

resignation, the resignation of time for the British royal couple was attacked the next morning.

Press "Sunday Times" said, calling Prince Charles Stephenson 10, an individual security loopholes for the police to apologize, and

asked for police chief resigned from poppy

Prince Charles married couples car 9th marched in London on the afternoon of student demonstrators were besieged, car damaged but the

royal couple well. Later, suffering from dereliction of duty London police accused of embarrassment. In particular, the son of Prince

Charles, Prince William wedding scheduled for next year, so the security police the power to make the public unrest will inevitably factory outlet

Although Stephenson personal apology, tendered his resignation, but he still defended the police actions of the day. He previously

said the police a few minutes before the attacks route carefully inspected and found no potential risks. He was the face of

demonstrators armed guard shown "restraint" appreciated.

A spokesman for the royal couple, said after the attack, the royal couple said the "fully understood the difficulties the police",

and said the police action "gratitude."

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