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Russian Black Sea Fleet will take part in NATO military exercises next year

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MOSCOW, Dec. coach purses 17 (Xinhua Wei generous) Korolev Russian Black Sea Fleet 17, announced that the Russian Black Sea Fleet in 2011 will be the first to participate in the NATO-led military exercise.

Korolev said that the coming year, the Black Sea Fleet will participate in international military exercises 5 times, including the NATO-led "brave monarch 2011" military outlet

Korolev said that the Black Sea fleet during the exercise will be responsible for the implementation of safety and security missions along the coast of the Caucasus, which Russia is of great significance.

He said the Russian Black Sea Fleet has been assigned to the South Military Region, the need for some new exercises under establishment. Next year's Black Sea Fleet,coach factory outlet the Russian Defense Ministry will conduct a comprehensive inspection.

Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy's four fleets, stationed in Ukraine's Crimea peninsula, Sevastopol. This year in April, Russia and Ukraine signed a extend the territory of the Russian Black Sea Fleet stationed in Ukraine's agreement period, period of use was extended in 2017 for 25 years, and may continue for a further 5 years.

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