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Supporters of the leaders of two factions fighting in C?te d'Ivoire

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Ivorian opposition leader Alassane Ouattara's supporters and loyal to current President Laurent Gbagbo's armed forces, 16 in fierce fighting near the headquarters office Ouattara, at least 50 people dead.

Including the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,timberland outlet including many people worry that the political stalemate in C?te d'Ivoire may lead to civil war. United Nations, the African Union, the United States, France and other parties required to leave C?te d'Ivoire, Laurent Gbagbo, or to initiate sanctions against him.


Ouattara's supporters in the capital Abidjan 16 meetings in various locations, and police clash. In the Abobo district of Abidjan, the streets of a foreign reporter saw the deceased lying three, one of them shot in the head, the other two shot in the chest and many more injured. Statement by witnesses, the police used tear gas to disperse the crowd and sticks, and ultimately shot and killed the three people. timberland boots

Dole camp communications consultant Mather Ouattara told The Associated Press, Ouattara Ouattara supporters started to remove the roadblock near the hotel where he stayed Golf armed forces exchanged fire with 3 people were injured.

Abidjan, the day came from time to time the sound of machine guns and rifle fire and explosions. City shops out of business, residents hid at home. Some people fled the city, and tell people that the city of gunfire and explosions continued for at least 3 hours.

One protester told Reuters, the protesters marched to a police training camp near the fire hit, "I saw four people were killed and many injured. They shot at us to stop us from moving forward."

Gbagbo government's education minister, said later in the day timberland uk

Bligh, 50 people were killed, of whom 10 policemen. Bali Ouattara camp has announced that senior officials of 30 people were killed.

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