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Putin, Medvedev said it would discuss the decision with the presidential candidates

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MOSCOW, Dec.patriots jerseys 29 (Xinhua Tong division group) Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said here on the 29th, he and President Dmitry Medvedev, through consultation, joint decision for the 2012 presidential election candidates.

Putin last year, government told reporters after the meeting, he did not rule out the command of the United Russia party, to participate in the possibility of parliamentary elections in 2011. But he said the presidential candidates are talking about when it is too early to declare, as long as the start on this question, "everyone will stop work."

According to Russian media reports, Putin stressed that the government work conference, President Dmitry Medvedev and the government is working in a team. In his view, the two sides "to communicate very closely, to form a unified team." He stressed that the two sides "have had different points of view, but not produced, respectively, within the Government and the Office of the President, but in a team which" we "common solutions through debate these issues." Putin said: "There is no direct support for the president, can not carry out such work." saints jerseys

Putin said that Russia, in 2010 the three major achievements Qude Russia and the U.S. signed a new nuclear disarmament treaties and the forthcoming entry into force, Russia is further away from accession to the WTO and the establishment of investigative committees. He said the new nuclear disarmament treaty signed by Russia and the U.S., there is no doubt on Medvedev's foreign policy success.

Medvedev to attend government meetings in the past year, praised the work of the Putin administration. He pointed out that the Russian financial system to maintain stability,colts jerseys social security problems are resolved, the number of unemployed dropped by 200 million. Abnormal high temperature in summer and despite the negative impact of poor harvests, the Russian economy is still achieved growth and inflation at 10%. He believes that "the whole Russian economy in 2010 is good," which is "the government's direct credit, it really was effective leadership on the economy."

Medvedev also raised at the meeting the Government's top priority next year, including improving the investment environment, in Moscow and other Russian space to set up a financial center, out of raw materials, economy mode.

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