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U.S. ski cable car was trapped in strong winds capsized 200

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AP Maine,north face Sugarloaf Mountain Ski Resort 28 encountered a strong wind, resulting in a cable car up the mountain cableway capsized some 200 people trapped, at least 8 people were injured. Maine Government has embarked on the incident investigation.

Video: U.S. ski cable car cable fault occurred caused 200 people were trapped

Source: Shenzhen Satellite TV "30 noon"
This ski resort is located in Sugarloaf Mountain north face jackets Valley, from Portland, Maine's largest city about 190 km.

About 28 220 tourists up the mountain by cable car the morning, during which encountered strong winds. Tram number of cars were blown away, causing more than tourists from the ground from an altitude of 9-12 meters fall 100 on this cable to a hovering aerial lifts, around 220 people were trapped.

Ski then said in a statement released about six tourists were injured, not life threatening. Gray City Southern Maine, a weather balloon measured monitoring data show that,north face womens jackets when the wind speed is about 60 kilometers per hour.

Jay Marshall was a ski instructor in the resort on another cable. He told the Associated Press, a burst of loud noises, people began to scream.

"It (the cable) up and down like a yo-yo as shaking, some tourists from the seat fell off." Statement by a spokesman for the resort, the staff has been transferred five stranded tourists, other visitors will be rescued within hours .

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